iShipping Copenhagen: Investigating the Innovation Curve in Maritime

Outline agenda - 1 March 2017

Correct as at 25 January 2017

08.30 - Registration and Welcome Refreshments

09.00 - Opening Notes and Introduction by Conference Chair
Neville Smith, Director, Mariner Communications

09.15 - Welcome Address
Troels Blicher Danielsen, Deputy Director General, Danish Maritime Authority

09.40 - Navigating the Shipping Landscape in 2017 and Beyond
Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO

10.05 - Planning the Digital Future
    •    Is Cyber security a real threat?
    •    The CTO and the ‘Bimodal Challenge’
    •    Winning in the digital world
Tom Erling Hansen, Head of Sales Europe North, Marlink

10.30 - Morning Coffee and Networking

Session 1: The Future of Smart Shipping

10.55 - Short Intro by Conference Chair

11.00 - The Evolution of Smart Shipping
Fritz Ganzhorn, Secretary General, Danish Maritime Officers

11.25 - Unmanned Vessels: Legal Considerations
    •    Overview of legal framework
    •    Regulatory and safety concerns
    •    Liability issues
    •    Is the existing legal framework able to embrace unmanned vessels?
Bjarke Holm Hansen, Partner, Core Law Firm

11.50 - Shipper Driven Trends for Transport and Logistics: 3D’s and 3C’s
    •    A summary of the sustainability trends and drivers from cargo owners
          that will impact the Shipping Industry
    •    Examples of private led initiatives that are leading the way, focusing on
          collaborative approaches to drive consistency, efficiency, and impact
          in targeted T&L chain segments
    •    How shipping companies and ports are increasingly using disruptive
         technology to manage
    •    Opportunities for disruptive technology to enable game changing
          and exponential impact on sustainability issues
Maurice Meehan, Transport and Logistics Lead, BSR

12.15 - Panel Discussion – Reviewing Challenges and Threats Driven by
                Autonomous Shipping

Moderated by:
Nick Lambert, Maritime Domain Expert, Satellite Applications Catapult
    •    Exploring regulatory, legal, security, navigational and infrastructural
    •    Analysing and mitigating threats: piracy, distressed ships and cyber
          security breaches
    •    What can the maritime industry learn from other sectors?
Panellists include:
Michael Rodey, Innovation Strategy Manager, Maersk Maritime Technology
Michael Owen, VP Business Capture & Development – Maritime, Marlink
Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, Global VSAT Forum (GVF)
Manuel Valero, Sales Manager, Telenor
Valdemar Ehlers, Technical Director, Danish Maritime
Malcolm McMaster, President, Globecomm Maritime

13.00 - Lunch and Networking

14.00 - 15.45 - Roundtable Sessions
These roundtables are open to all participants (end users, suppliers, sponsors etc) and will take place simultaneously – all hosted by key sponsors. Each table can host up to 10 participants, and delegates will be invited to sign up on the morning of the conference (1 March) to the roundtable they wish to attend, via our interactive WebApp.

The roundtable sessions will last for 1hr45min in total, with the discussion itself lasting one hour, followed by a summary from each table to the whole room.

The content will be focused on solutions and business strategy, rather than products or sales pitches. All roundtables will be co-hosted by an end user.

15.45 - Afternoon Tea and Networking

Session 2: What Next for Big Data and IoT?

16.15 - Short Intro by Conference Chair

16.20 - Cyber Security on Board Ships – 1 Year On
    •    Updated industry guidelines
    •    What are the threats to ships?
    •    How to mitigate against cyber-attacks on board ships
    •    Ship and shore interface concerns for cyber security
    •    Leadership buy-in is key to minimising cyber attacks
Phil Tinsley, Maritime Security Manager, BIMCO

16.45 - Big Data - How Do We Reap the Benefits?
Petter Brandt, Consultant, Metapharos AB
17.10 - Smart Ships Need Smarter People
    •    How big is the influence of IT in making a shipping company successful?
Giampiero Soncini, ‎Director Volaris Marine Division, Volaris Group

17.35 - Question & Answer Session
Drawing on the expertise of our session speakers and guest delegates, this Q&A session will ask them to expand on the future of Big Data and Performance Management in shipping.

17.50 - Conference Day 1 Conclusions, followed by Conference Drinks

19.30 - Networking Dinner,
kindly sponsored by Marlink  

2 March 2017

08.30 - Registration and Welcome Refreshments

0915-1045 - Exclusive Invitation to Attend Marlink Workshop


This private session will provide participants with an interactive, hands-on overview and demonstration of Marlink’s XChange-based crew solutions, including XChange Media, the new Marlink XChange Telemed service, as well as Palantir’s KeepUp@Sea solution for standardised onboard IT. Participants will have the opportunity to experience multiple interactive demo sessions, hosted from different stations.

Please note this session is for shipping companies only. Please confirm your place when registering through our website, or contact

Refreshments will be served during the session.

10.45 - Morning Coffee and Networking

Session 3: Harnessing Disruptive Influence

11.00 - Short Introduction by Conference Chair
Giampiero Soncini, ‎Director Volaris Marine Division, Volaris Group

11.10 - Sea Traffic Management and its Role in Harnessing Disruptive

    •    What advances in disruptive influence will transform the face of the industry?
    •    Evaluating the different models, technologies and solutions
    •    Lowering the threshold for new entries in the shipping service market
Ulf Siwe, Communications Officer, The Swedish Maritime Administration

11.35 - Shipping 4.0: Leveraging Industry 4.0 at Sea
Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Senior Scientist, SINTEF Ocean

12.00 - The Impact of Increasing Mobility on the Crew and Guest Experience
    •    How operators can prepare for the increased demand for video
         content onboard
    •    Exploring new technologies to get the best user experience
    •    Meeting network needs through flexibility, manageability and scalability
Ole-Kristian Sivertsen, VP of Cruise Business, Global Eagle Entertainment

12.25 - Panel Discussion - Blockchain and its Impact on the Maritime Industry
Moderated by: Maurice Meehan, Manager, BSR
    •    Beyond the hype – the long-term advantages and opportunities
    •    Calculating the cost savings afforded by blockchain and IoT
    •    Applying blockchain applications to accurately track assets and achieve
         frictionless trade

13.10 - Lunch and Networking

Session 4: The Business of Digitisation

14.00 - Short Intro by Conference Chair

14.10 - How will Digitisation Transform the Future of Shipping?
    •    Is digitisation the greatest driver for shipping innovation?
    •    Exploring applications of digitisation: deployment of sensors across fleets
         of ships, enhanced remote internet connectivity and detailed data
    •    Improving cross functional collaboration to determine which elements of
         digitisation will yield the greatest benefits
    •    How will this link ships, to shore, to enterprise?
Troels Blicher Danielsen, Deputy Director General, Danish Maritime Authority

14.35 - Case Study: Maersk Line - the Journey Towards the Digitised Ship
    •    An insight into the Maersk journey
    •    Challenges and opportunities
Niels Bruus, Head of Future Solutions, Fleet Management and Technology, Maersk Line

15.00 - “A Digital Payments Maritime World” – The Evolution of Payments from Cash to Digital
    •    A WIN/WIN for ship managers and seafarers using new technologies and financial
         tools. New financial technologies are bringing cheaper, faster and more secure
         alternatives to cash. In this session we’ll explore the new mobile generation of
         seafarers, what this means to shipping companies and explore the opportunities
         that are coming to take ship board finances digital and create a WIN/WIN scenario
         for ship managers and seafarers alike.
Hal Ramakers, Executive Vice President of Global Solutions, Brightwell Payments Inc

15.25 - Panel Discussion - Building the Business Case for Digitisation in

Moderated by: Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, Global VSAT Forum (GVF)
    •    Evaluating the benefits in terms of ROI, cost savings and efficiency gains
    •    A CFO perspective – a guide to calculating the financials
Anwar Siddiqui, Advisor to the CEO, Bahri The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia
Anshul Tuteja
, Director Energy Management, Global Fleet Optimisation, Royal Caribbean Cruises
Michael Hust, IT Manager, Uni Tankers
Berian James, Head of Data Science, Maersk Line

16.10 - Conference Conclusions and Close

* Please note some speakers and topics may be subject to confirmation and/or change. For more information, please contact