iShipping Copenhagen: Investigating the Innovation Curve in Shipping

iShipping Copenhagen 2017 has been developed by Digital Ship to take a bird’s eye view of the technical and digital developments and drivers we have seen emerging over the last few years. Across two days of keynote presentations, plenary sessions, panel discussions and round tables, we will look at how these are going to continue transforming the maritime industry.

Through the four key sessions, we will ask how the industry is responding to change, investigate what technologies will stick, and consider what we can do to make full use of the innovation curve ahead of us.

Speakers include:

  • Andreas Nordseth, Director-General, Danish Maritime Authority*
  • Troels Blicher Danielsen, Deputy Director General, Danish Maritime Authority
  • Tom Erling Hansen, Head of Sales North Europe, Marlink
  • Niels Bruus, Head of Future Solutions, Fleet Management and Technology, Maersk Line
  • Fritz Ganzhorn, Director, DFDS
  • Michael Rodey, Innovation Strategy Manager, Maersk
  • Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO
  • Anshul Tuteja, Director Energy Management, Global Fleet Optimisation, Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Michael Hust, IT Manager, Uni Tankers
  • Bjarke Holm Hansen, Partner, Core Law Firm
  • Nick Lambert, Maritime Domain Expert, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Phil Tinsley, Maritime Security Manager, BIMCO
  • Niels Reuther, Regional Sales Manager, Marlink
  • Ole-Kristian Sivertsen, VP of Cruise Business, Global Eagle Entertainment
  • Manuel Valero, Sales Manager, Telenor
  • Giampiero Soncini, Director Volaris Marine Division, Volaris Group
  • Ulf Siwe, Communications Officer, The Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Senior Scientist, SINTEF Ocean
  • Victor Wong, CEO, BlockApps*
  • Martin Jarrold, Secretary General, Global VSAT Forum (GVF)
  • Neville Smith, Director, Mariner Communications
  • Svend Lykke Larsen, Sales & Business Development Director, Europe, Palantir
  • Petter Brandt, Consultant, Metapharos AB

Session 1: The Future of Smart Shipping
Topics to be covered include:
    •    Smart Shipping: A macroeconomic overview and defining the roadmap
    •    Defining the roadmap – what is next for the industry?
    •    Unmanned vessels: Legal considerations
    •    Reviewing challenges and threats driven by autonomous shipping
    •    Analysing and mitigating threats: piracy, distressed ships and cyber
          security breaches
    •    Smart ships need smarter people

Session 2: What Next for Big Data and IoT?
Topics to be covered include:
    •    Cyber security on board ships – 1 Year on
    •    How to mitigate against cyber-attacks on board ships
    •    Ship and shore interface concerns for cyber security
    •    How great is the influence of IT in making a shipping company
    •    Approaches to predictive maintenance to maintain structural integrity
    •    How to adopt a proactive approach to maintenance through big data

Session 3: Harnessing Disruptive Influence
Topics to be covered include:
    •    What advances in technology will transform the face of the industry?
    •    Sea traffic management and its role in harnessing disruptive influence
    •    Shipping 4.0: Leveraging industry 4.0 at sea
    •    Focus Session: Blockchain in practice – a guide
    •    Blockchain and its impact and influence on the maritime industry

Session 4: The Business of Digitisation
Topics to be covered include:
    •    How will digitisation transform the future of shipping?
    •    Improving cross functional collaboration
    •    The journey towards the digitised ship
    •    Building the business case for digitisation in shipping
    •    A CFO perspective – A guide to calculating the financials

Plus: Workshops, Roundtables and Networking Functions – including a Gala Dinner on 1 March for all participants.

**(tbc) – Please note some speakers and topics may be subject to confirmation and/or change.

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